Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Breaking out of my abusers' cocoon, healing into a mariposa/butterfly

I finished my "Mariposas" painting- a painting inspired by the great author Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who passed away last week.... and it led me to think about the journey I have been on since early February... a shedding of the cocoon of lies I had unwittingly & unknowingly been wrapped up in via my abusers.

It kept me in a cocoon of self doubt, low self esteem, second guessing etc... 

The painting came into being in three different stages... interesting to me-because though not on purpose, it does mirror my own journey of "coming into being" after years of abuse and being led to think that I was the one to blame. 

The painting was initially painted in 2012, and she hung in the studio all this time. I retook the project last week, the same week it was confirmed to me that my lifelong struggle with feeling unloved and unwanted by my family of origin was NOT my imagination, indeed: 

I am and always have been a victim of abuse as the scapegoat of the family 
via my mama, step dad and siblings too.

I have spent so many years trying to understand "why do they treat me like this"

I have been a victim of Narcissistic Personality Disorder/NPD which is so damaging because it is insidious and secret, it maintains the victim in a state of incongruency with self as Gaslighitng is typical.

from my 'healing the mother wound' workshop journal 

One is convinced by the narcissists that one is 'faulty', 'broken' or (as I was told by my abusers): 'damaged goods', 'crazy' and having a 'vivid imagination'..... and worse yet, they run smear campaigns where the actual victim is made out to look like the perpetrator. Gail Meyers writes what also has been my experience:
 "For example, this is one of my narcissistic personality disordered mother's favorite maneuvers. She would verbally assault me, then scapegoat by telling everyone I verbally assaulted her while wrapping it all in fake concern. This was her concealing her abuse by playing the victim whilevilifying the true victim. She would then tell everyone who would listen how she was verbally assaultedwhile imposing the silent treatment on me.

Then at whatever point we spoke again she would gaslight me by rewriting history and claiming I owed her an apology. This is often how she concealed her abuse, garnered pity, and rallied the flying monkeys for abuse by proxy." 

You feel alone, confused. It is heartbreaking especially coming from a mother and close family members. I have read that it is one of the hardest of all abuses to heal from.

one of many Mother's Day that left me brokenhearted and in tears.

To FINALLY *know* "it is them, not me"... has been liberating...

To all victims of abuse: Just think how gorgeously our TRUE selves evolve and how high we can fly once we aren't held back anymore! 

I am sorry if this upsets family whom I love and hold dear to my heart... I have to speak the truth. There have been too many lies-all my life, the smear campaigns perpetuated by my family of origin have defined me ... the secrecy has added fuel to it all, and the truth finally has set me free and much of  it is due to the sharing of others who too, have been abused.

....and for now, I need to shout it from the rooftops.
It is part of my healing
I have to honor my heart after years of remaining silent as a scapegoat and a Pollyanna.
AND I want to be a voice for others too.... I have been so blessed to find the stories of others who have been through this journey too (some of the links here).

There have been countless times when friends of family, extended family and friends have asked me about the lies they have heard about me... I just never understood...
I have been in denial too long.... time to be set free!

I will not let the abuse define me... but at least for now, 
I need to share this truth, to be seen and heard. 

one of many journal pages I made to convince myself
"I am worthy"

"It is much easier to make good men wise than to make bad men good." 

~Henry Fielding, 1749

I will not let the abuse define me... quite the opposite: I have allowed the abuse to define me all these years... now, I am shedding all the crap that has been heaped upon me as the scapegoat .... I am dusting myself off .... and I will soon be SOARING higher than ever!!

Thank you to all of YOU who have supported me *so* much throughout the years... especially those of you who although have been told lies about me, still held me close to your heart. And thank you to all my friends who have believed me and held me as I have struggled with something none of us could understand... thank you, I love you.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

My lost paintings have been found!

This is a rambling post because I am *so* excited!

The paintings (all oil on canvas) that were stolen from me by the Mexican government and 5 years later auctioned off.....................have been found!! 

was contacted by the collector a few years ago, he was at first concerned because he knew they had been stolen, I am grateful he had the moral compass to contact me. We chatted via FaceBook and he assured me he would have the paintings exhibited throughout Mexico.

Sadly, he passed away soon after contacting me... may you rest in peace Omar....Thank you!

All I knew of him was his kindness and that he was a young man. It was very sad. I waited before posting on his *In Memoriam FB wall*....
I didn't want to be disrespectful to all those grieving. I posted again a year later, and so it has gone until TODAY, when I finally received a response from his sister about these pieces that I LOVE so much; she now owns the paintings.

I have cried in relief!

Love gives naught but itself and takes naught but from itself.
Love possesses not nor would it be possessed;
For love is sufficient unto love.
Kahlil Gibran 
These two were part of the seven and are part of a series I painted entitled "The Soul Keeper."
The one above measures about 20" x 20"
and the one below measures about 3 x 4 feet. Each painting has poetry by one of my two favorite poets (Khalil Gibran and Pablo Neruda) that goes with it.

The US Embassy, the Mexican Embassy..not even the State Department could help me.... I prayed so much for them to come back to me, I imagined them in the same HUGE wooden box I built for them to be shipped there, just leaning outside our little home-I imagined it all with great Faith and prayer and *Quantum physics* imaginings too!

But they never arrived at my doorstep.

The box I shipped them in was so big, I had to enlist the help of 2 friends to carry it on top of a van, I remember driving through snowy streets to ship them down to Mexico...
The last time I saw them....

 *wow* It is very, very AWEsome to know where they are. 

I am not like this with all my work....I have collectors all over the world, many whom I have never met... but this group... (not the first to be stolen either, I had 3 paintings stolen from GALA theater in Washington DC many years ago-I have no documentation of those as I made them especially for the exhibit)- these were my favorite pieces at the time; sent down there for my first Museum show, in my *adopted country* -where my father lived for 8 years as a UN diplomat, where I spent many, many happy vacations....  where now I have not only the connection with my art there, but my Mexican partner in love & life -whom I met during that trip, who has never seen those pieces in person....

The heart's affections are divided like the branches of the cedar tree; if the tree loses one strong branch; it will suffer but it does not die; it will pour all its vitality into the next branch so that it will grow and fill the empty place.
Kahlil Gibran 

This is a small canvas,  I sent three of these they measure 9" x 12" and were part of my "Visual Poetry" series.

This one to the right is super meaningful as I painted it the first time that my son went on a full week's vacation with the ex husband.... I was so worried and concerned, it was my prayer for Sacred care while he was away.
This is a piece that was bathed in tears as I painted it during that week,
lots of rum and cokes and m&m's ..... a time where everything was so new to me. I married so young, that being a divorcee opened up a world of so many things.... dating and dancing and paying bills and worries as a student/working single mom.... but my son was my *all* (still is!).... I pray he is always protected and cared for my *All that Is*.

Love is the only freedom in the world because it so elevates the spirit that the laws of humanity and the phenomena of nature do not alter its course.
Kahlil Gibran

I also sent them some of my favorite "Abstracted figurative" pieces 
This piece measurees 2 x 3 feet (or larger)

These were pieces about love and desire. About broken pieces of humanity coming together to form an "us"

When I painted them, I was going through relationships in the style of the Surrealists: "serial dating"....
I was very interested in the concept of 'soulmates' and unions... sex was for the first time "in mind" and enjoyable (my first marriage is one I was forced into by my mother, it was love-less and sex was a chore).
I discovered so much about myself... a time of shedding and great personal growth.

See the wings? :
God has given you a spirit with wings on which to soar into the spacious firmament of Love and Freedom. Is it not pitiful than that you cut your wings with your own hands and suffer your soul to crawl like an insect upon the earth?
Kahlil Gibran

This piece measures about 2 x 3 feet.

Looking at this piece now, I clearly see my yearning for family and tender loving care. It is interesting to me to find all the mystical symbolism here, because I was just beginning to investigate it as I had spent several years immersed in my mother & step father's choice of religion (fundamentalist Christianity) as I tried to be accepted and loved by them (you can read a bit about that here:)

It is also interesting that even back then (these pieces are from around 2003)- my interest in native cultures, in particular of the Americas, was beginning to come through....

I could go on and on... and in the past I have... before Sergio accidentally crashed my website two years ago, I had documented all my contacts with Mexican and USA authorities to try to get my work back. There, I had letters from Mexico lying about the fact that they had my work... a letter from the Mexican cultural attache, washing his hands off of the whole "affair" (as he put it)- admitting, yet back pedaling re: his knowledge of the theft....  etc. etc.
BUT, I don't want to focus on all the negativity... I am excited to know where these pieces are, and will hopefully someday be able to better document them via good photos or scans.
Spiritual awakening is the most essential thing in man's life, and it is the sole purpose of being. Is not civilization, in all its tragic forms, a supreme motive for spiritual awakening?
Kahlil Gibran

Thanks for reading! Please share, leave a comment... 
I appreciate YOU!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Rhiannon, "The Great Queen"


The "Great Queen." 
As a shape shifter, she can assume any form she desires often appearing as a white horse.
Rhiannon is a muse Goddess accompanied by three sweetly singing birds who can revive the dead or put the living to sleep. It was believed that the source of the Welsh King's power derived from Rhiannon, and a candidate for kinghood met Rhiannon dressed as a stag, a regal figure symbolic of rejuvenation, beauty, strength, and instinctual masculine energy.
Rhiannon is goddess of the night, representing the connection between death and rebirth. She demands that we honor our instinctive and animal selves as a source of creativity, abundance, and order.

When I pulled her out of my deck I was *thrilled* because she is mirmagical, and her message could not be more appropriate to my life right now: She is here to remind us that even though we have been unfairly judged, we are part of All that IS (God/Higher Power/Spirit)... our spirit is always in divine and perfect balance and our power is always aligned with truth and integrity.

Rhiannon helps us to remain steadfast within our own Truth despite the opinions and judgments of others. This Divine Lady of Light encourages us to reclaim our personal power, encourages us to reclaim our divine birthright to live within the freedom of our Personal Truth!

She comes with absolute understanding of the trials we meet here, trials we endure to learn, grow and ascend; and she combines compassion with encouragement to help us to transcend the roles of victim, encouraging us to REMEMBER our Sovereign Self, to reclaim our divine birthright to shine the illuminated Light of our True Magnificence!

Rhiannon Original Painting

Prints available in three different sizes

Monday, March 10, 2014

my bravest post

My bravest post -with oodles of  help by the brilliant author of 
            "mindful of thoughts" and the spectacular coach over at Spartan Life Coach on YouTube" .. thank you luvs, for all you do!

Tomorrow marks one month since I received an email which underlined the scapegoat situation that has been a very painful part of my life and which I have *tried* to work through/with/under and over: my whole life and as a result, I have allowed myself to be emotionally abused for many, many years in the name of Love; but sadly, what I had not realized is that ....

...what I neglected all these years was to Love and Honor *me*.

The emotional trauma has been huge and as some of you know, my heart "broke" and on Friday I was told that I have developed a heart condition caused by emotional stress (PVC--nothing serious they tell me).

This past month, I have gotten out of bed only to go to work... one month of crying, of feeling sad and struggling with the palpitations.... And that's Ok, I gave myself permission to mourn for one month.. but now it is time to pick myself back up and gift *me*: self LOVE!

I *KNOW* this will pass and I believe that the space which is opening up in my heart, that space formerly occupied by rejection and sadness ... will now be filled with love and light as I honor and love *me* enough to surround myself with people who *see* me and love me with kindness and in truth.

I appreciate the support that so many of you have shown me via phone calls, emails, thank you, it is a healing balm unto my heart. I love and appreciate you!

I want to share here because I know there are others out there who suffer from the effects of scapegoating... and it is most often from people we love dearly-from parents or spouses and siblings too- (otherwise, we would not allow ourselves to be put in these situations).... and I think many of us 'scapegoats' stay "small" as we have been taught to do... we silence ourselves... and yet sharing is not only healing for ourselves... but we help one another heal too!! 

For me, even though I had read MANY books about toxic family systems, it wasn't until I heard "the right voice" for me... that I finally understood.... so here it is... 
hoping I may be of service through sharing too!

On YouTube, I found a fantastic coach who specializes in scapegoating and narcissism... I feel blessed to have found him *just in time* (he does Skype sessions). Look him up 

scapegoating system 
What follows was written by the author of the blog: "mindful of thoughts" -the author chooses to remain anonymous. Bold letters are spacing were added by me. (you can read the entire blog here)

"Those who we call narcissists, those who we call enablers, those who we call golden children, most of the time they do not consciously know that they have cast you in the role of scapegoat. That they have treated you unfairly. They can not see the wrong in their actions, or anticipate the hurt they are causing you. 
..... (they) can not reflect on their own actions or feel healthy amounts of empathy, and so this produces faulty social circles around them, of which you happened to be inside. 
In the end, it’s a big puppet show where the audience, the actors and you yourself are convinced by the complex and subtle ways which you have been manipulated, to believe that it is all your fault. And this is so toxic, so intense, that you get to the point where you no longer have the energy to hate yourself all the time. ...

You don’t even realize you are sacrificing your own innocence to make yourself mentally accountable for the insults and the accusations that aren’t even yours to own!

They say you’re miserable and need a smile on your face. But it keeps slipping. And you are slowly finding that the elements don’t fit together.  And every time you get close, they attack you again and you fall back. It’s two steps back, for every toe forward. And if you’re “lucky” you might come to realize what this little stubborn element inside you is. 
It is the voice of you.

The one you were forced to ignore since you came into this world. The one you never had a choice to listen to. The one they convinced you was wrong, and stupid, and ungrateful and selfish. It speaks to you so quietly, and so outspoken that it knocks your feet out from under you, and you have no choice but to listen. The world dulls, the voices mute, and you finally listen to what it has to say. And you want to cry and scream, and hurt and feel angry at everything you have had denied this little voice, of all the time it has lost, of all the damage it has taken, the injustice it has been served. Of how difficult the path ahead is going to be with the wounds you have obtained. And the lack of trust you feel towards absolutely everyone. And you want justice for it. 

You want to be acknowledged that it is wrong. You want to be consumed by anger, all the anger you have for those who have hurt you. But the voice tells you that anger is just anger, and you no longer can hold it. 
You must dedicate your time to loving yourself. 
Even while you’re standing there and they’re going off at you, yelling, insulting, manipulating. It’s different now. They can’t stick their fingers in your mind and cross the wires. 

The voice is telling you, that you don’t need the anger, the hate and the need to be acknowledged. Because at least you know now. At least you can stand above the master puppeteer and watch the way it manipulates the play. 

The voice tells you that while you are not going to be heard, you can find a small, minuscule place inside yourself and try, try, try and comfort yourself. It tells you that there is no benefit in debating, in convincing others, because the truth is to be felt inside. 

There is no need to convince others you are worthy of emotions and happiness. It is you who needs to know, and it is you and only you who can hear the voice and take it as the center of your universe until the voices of those who almost destroyed it are just shadows banging on the windows..

The realization of your inner voice is bright and innocent. 

What you need to realize is that is it easily misled. It was once wasn't it? Early in childhood, you learnt to believe it was not worthy of listening too. 

Innocence is a beautiful thing, but innocence is also very trusting. Innocence can easily be taught the wrong lessons. Now you need to know that you need support, but you need to get it from the right places. 

Don’t expect people to listen to your voice and understand. Some will turn away and act as if what you just said is irrelevant. This can cause you a major set back. It can make you believe again that you must be wrong in speaking out. No. There are those that will listen. Those who will register your words, and those who will finally say to you that it’s okay. It’s okay because you have someone who can see you now. In all your truth.

There is no need to convince others you are worthy of emotions and happiness. It is you who needs to know, and it is you and only you who can hear the voice and take it as the center of your universe until the voices of those who almost destroyed it are just shadows banging on the windows...."

I wish you all LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Growing pains and new beginnings

Happy (belated) New Year everyone!

2014 came in full force .... and knocked me down for a bit... so I had decided to take a break from posting here.... but now I am back :) 

One of the things that occurred in December was that I was again alerted to lies that are being told about me by some people I love... and I had to begin to think about truly making changes in that relationship; then last month, mid February, I received an email that *rocked* my world... again- about the lies being told about me and the people who choose to believe the lies and false rumors instead of giving me the benefit of the doubt and getting to know me and truth instead.... so it was clear, I need to let go ... it has been too many years of this type of abuse, and the news in February taxed my already challenged adrenals (because of the heavy metal chelation I had just finished in December)-- and I succumbed to full on Adrenal exhaustion.

I am now not only healing my adrenals with the help of holistic medicine, I have also realized it is time to do what is best for me and our little family. 
I have received loads of support from my framily (friends who are like family!) and I am super grateful to all! 

As I begin to *shift* ... there has been some 'growing pains'... 
                                                                   but there has also been loads of 'blessings':

I went to a thrift store today, it is one of my favorite ways to *de-stress* in the city…. As I walked around I thought about the fact that Sergio and I had been talking about finding something to mark this, this thing I am going through. It has been years in coming… I just always thought I would be able to “make it better”… but sometimes ‘making it better’ means letting go.

Sergio had suggested something to represent me as the “Phoenix raising from the ashes” ; not feeling quite as strong as that, I had thought of the “ugly duckling” when he realizes he is a swan, or the Lotus flower rising from the muddy waters…..

All that IS (God/Spirit/Universe….) had other plans.

As I walked around the store I quickly became distracted by well *everything* and promptly forgot about what I had in mind as I looked through shelves upon shelves of other people’s old stuff. Children were running around and one of the employees commanded over the loudspeaker:
“our toy are is not a daycare, retrieve your children now!” A hearing impaired woman tried to ask me questions about a lamp she was holding, and men lined up to test electronics in a corner of the store.

Suddenly, there, on a top shelf… a pile of frames of all sizes, I discovered a most intricate little door hand carved into soft wood, I excitedly picked it upr!

It was obviously handmade… and well, I have a tough time not gathering handmade objects from thrift stores, they hold all the love and intention of their maker, and I just can’t leave them behind. Besides, the work was intricate and amazing.

When I stepped to the counter to pay, all of the employees began to buzz around… a couple even came from the back … it was obvious everyone was waiting to see who would purchase this little treasure (the employees are not allowed to shop from there as all items are donated-we donate often ourselves- and I guess it could potentially lead to a mini black market and an unfair advantage for the employees..)

About 6 employees gathered around and all of them just looked at each other and one asked me:
“do you know what this is?”

I answered: 

“no, but I know it is in Arabic and probably Muslim” (at this point I realized all the women there had head coverings and were probably Muslim, something commonplace in our area that is full of immigrants from all over the world). 

One of the women waved me over and she explained:

She said, picking up the little frame, it is a blessing unto you. It is:

Bishmalla and a door which signifies:

"It is a new life and a new 

beginning with God's 


(I was in tears... asked her to write it down for me in her handwriting)

Sending love & light to you and yours! 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Holidays can be tough for some of us

The Holidays are not easy for some of us......

So many of you have shared with us about your own Holiday sadness... 

our little family of three also suffers sadness this season- not everything is always as it seems- but we make the best of it... focusing on each other and on all the wonderFULL people in our lives who love us; we learn to stand up for our worthiness and self love in the face of troublesome situations and people.... 

I have always been one that forgives very easily and sees the "glass half full"... a "Pollyanna" is what I have always been.... but as someone who loves me recently advised me:

"Claudia, Pollyanna was only 14"...(yes, yes and thank you *you know who*)...

It is time for me to 'grow up' and gift myself and my little family self respect and self love. 

No more allowing people to treat me badly.

Allowing ourselves to be repeatedly treated badly by the same person/s is our own personal responsibility. Developing strong boundaries about what we will and won't accept and enforcing these is a great way to protect ourselves from regular offenders. 

People can hurt you and break your heart, and sometimes they will: but only YOU can allow them to continuously hurt you. 

Value yourself enough to choose to spend time with people who treat you the way you treat them.
Know your worth.
Know when it is "enough" and move on from the people who keep chipping away at your happiness. 

We gift you this quote graphic by Sergio to encourage you... just as you encourage us with your love & support.... feel free to print it out and let it encourage you to SHINE in the New Year! 

Friday, November 22, 2013

Goddess of endings and beginnings: Kali


Endings and beginings

Kali energy.. the dark and the light; she will shake you to reNEW you. She will shake you to self awareness and awakening to your true self and your true relationships with the earth and each other.
I can see in this her face is fierce and her mind is strong..she def. is *owning* her power... my initial drawing had her much softer looking.. Kali is both..the representation of the compassion and kindness of the drawing and the "the Beginning and the End and the purpose for everything in between"...she destroys (ignorance, apathy, ego) only to REcreate ... very much what I have experienced working with her through this painting.

Kali's message: I am the ‘black one’, Shiva’s consort. I am also known as the Goddess of Time and Change. There is much said of me as being the Shining One and the Goddess of Darkness. I encourage change and for one to accept themselves truthfully as they are, not what they pretend to be.

The pain and sorrow that you have witnessed, experienced and gone through must not be denied it is intertwined with your very existence, it holds freedom to greater knowledge. Honesty within yourself is a must.

When entering the unknown it is not unusual to enter darkness. Do not fear this darkness. You cannot embrace the light you seek without facing some darkness. As you move along your destined path, you move forward as you pass through different doors, either from removing past events that have been draining your energy for so long, facing the truth about yourself and those around you, letting go of old ways in order to adopt new, more efficient ones, etc.
As you successfully move through each part, you are seeing and finding more light. Its this light that entices you to continue.

The path you are on requires you to work together, learn and share as much as you can and to love with your whole being.

  Kali Original Painting

Prints available in three different sizes

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Butterfly Maiden

Butterfly Maiden

Finished my latest Goddess... The Native American Butterfly Maiden.

Her themes are:
rebirth, beauty, fertility, balance, freedom, and nature. Her symbols are butterflies, seedlings, rainwater, and spring flowers. 

Butterfly Maiden flutters into our lives today to reconnect us with nature and ourselves, to help us rediscover that graceful butterfly within each of us – the one that effortlessly rises above all troubles/problems and disappointments....making the world its flower....

It is quite interesting that she is my last Goddess for this year (I will begin again in January).... 2013 has been a difficult year for me in so many ways- and quite unexpectedly as 13 is my favorite number and I had high expectations for this year... nevertheless.. I am sure that *much* has stirred at a spiritual level within me...

Butterfly Maiden reminds me that this is the year where I have had to face my own darkness without fear. 

I have had very difficult years in the past... 6 straight awful years with "the ex" suing me at every turn, false accusations-though he never won in court- he always continued to sue me-- his way of punishing me for having left him.Unfortunately, he punished my son in the process using him as a pawn.. this was excruciating for me to see.. and so I was in battle-protecting my 'young' as a fierce Lioness for all these years. Now, it is over.He moved away in May... and without even realizing it (until writing this)... this is when I was able to *breathe*.

And so, unconsciously, I entered the cocoon of darkness--Damp, dark and sometimes frightening.

A cocoon to 're-group', face truths, let go of lies and false dreams...everything I overlooked when I had to focus on protecting my son.
A journey back to the essence of being....

Dark and lonely though not alone. 

Yet, I trust the process, knowing that when the time is exactly perfect, I will emerge from the mystery, bringing back a little bit of *mirmagic* from a dark place- transformed and "come through" the necessary molding of my heart and spirit.
I trust fully that when I am finally ready to spread my wings again, I will ascend higher and faster than ever did I imagine my dreams would lift me... higher and higher!

I feel the movement already of these wings.... I already see the light... yet I continue to wait patiently for the process to gently coax me forth...

And so I wish the same for you.... may you cocoon when needed, to reshape and be again and again, be renewed to higher realms...!

I also wanted to share with you a beautiful poem written by my Facebook friend Patricia (thank you for sharing this with my readers Patricia!)

One Dream 

by Patricia DeMarco

A night mist rose from the shallow waters of an inland lake
Following a path formed by the breezes gently blowing towards me.
My breath shared its pulsing rhythms.

The myst enveloped me with a shimmering vagueness.
Inviting me to journey above the earth, we flew upwards into the heavens
Above the town lights glimmering softly through the clouds below.

A feminine essence intersected our path, slowing our upwards journey.
Lying amidst a shimmering mist reflecting crystalline glaciers and flowing rivers,
Her heart beat rhythms of peace and forgiveness.

We eased in alongside, waking her with gentle speech and soft touch.Breathing musical tones of singing birds and showering raindrops,
She opened eyes revealing gentleness of soul and depth of beauty.

The mysts dispersed, slipping beyond form, function and timeLeaving us to continue the journey of exploration and understanding,
That we are one dream seeking a divine union with light.

Prints available in different sizes:

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Yemaja, Goddess of opportunity

The Goddess of the Oceans... she brings with her a message of  opportunity.

Yemaja's message: I nurture, heal, touch, bless, comfort and make whole that which is incomplete. 

I am within you and you need only look inside yourself to find my eternal presence.

Pearls are her adornment (and what I myself wear on a daily basis as earrings).
Yemaja is a perfect Goddess to be called upon for blessings of compassion, wisdom, fertility, creation, riches, inspiration, motherhood, female power, natural wealth, women's issues, having children, sustaining life, washing away sorrow, revealing mysteries, acquiring ancient wisdom, protecting the home, learning not to give your power away, and comforting children in crisis.

Wear pearls or crystal beads to ask Yemaja to grant a wish or bestow a blessing, write her a letter and cast it into the sea....

She was painted in watercolors on Arches Cold Press paper.

Original $275.00 Sorry, sold.

Prints available in different sizes:

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

the Spirituality of trees

Last January we decided this year we would have a "theme" for our 2013 works: Goddesses and flowers.... of course, it takes me weeks and even months to create a piece so I have been working on my Goddesses since January, but Sergio's process is quick with encaustics and he works beginning in late September .... he has decided to focus on Cherry Blossoms and Dogwoods.... his love of Japanese ancient culture led him to it when he created a piece for our son (who also loves Japanese ancient culture).... 

Sergio's latest pieces are these fantastic Cherry Blossoms in encaustics:

We both believe that Trees hold a special significance as both practical providers and powerful spiritual presences and have witnessed life on earth over large expanses of time. Spirit breathes aliveness into their mystical individuality.  In many cultures a tree symbolizes the world center, where heaven and earth touch, where all times and places converge. For this reason trees are considered sacred and provide a focal point for meditation, enlightenment, guidance and prayer and if we are open to their energy, will converse with us. 

We have behind our studio, a large Sycamore that stands above all other trees in the area, it is in fact, protected by our local government as a historic "monument" and we are not allowed to cut it down (not that we ever would!). In southern Mexico, the Sycamore is paid homage to as it was revered and used in rituals by the Olmecs.

Trees are super special to us... my last name "Olivos" means Olive trees... one of the things that Sergio and I loved about one another when met is how much we both are into Semiotics..and thus he took my last name when we married.

The Olive tree is considered a Tree of Life
and is symbolic of Harmony, Tranquility and Serenity <3 font="">
The Olive tree has been celebrated and referenced in the cultural works of every society. Thomas Jefferson wrote, "The olive tree is surely the richest gift of Heaven".
The foliage of the Olive tree has been used for centuries to honor victory, wisdom and peace. In Genesis, an olive branch was returned to Noah on the ark by a dove, signaling the end of the great flood.

"The purest essence comes from the oldest trees who have peaked developmentally in their 
being-ness. Older trees communicate to younger trees a vibrancy that supports and encourages their growth. There is an intelligence on the other side from which life springs. The force of gravity helps us to live. Through gravity we receive light from the sky. Gravity is the bridge to the other world where earth connects to the sky. Trees act like magnetic funnels." ~ Goelitz

 Pine trees also have much ritual as their history... and whether we think of it or not- we pay homage to it annually as a Christmas tree.

 The Cherry blossom holds much symbolism in Japan; according to the Buddhist tradition, the breathtaking but brief beauty of the blossoms symbolizes the transient nature of life.  
The flowers last for at most a few weeks, but during that time, both the mountains and the cities are full of the delicate pink flowers, be the trees wild or cultivated. 

 “The traditional Japanese values of purity and simplicity are thought to be reflected in the form and color of the blossoms.” ~Osamu

Honor the ancient wisdom of the trees that surround you in the everyday, notice their beauty and hear their whispers....

Monday, October 14, 2013

Dia de los Muertos and Dancing with your Dreams online courses

Two online classes beginning this Friday for you to choose from! I hope you will join me online for one or both!

The first is: for our Dia de los Muertos online art course:

                                                       Dia De Los Muertos Fiesta course!
Second is for Dancing with Your Dreams a fun art course 
here is the video for it by the organizer, the lovely Amy Burke O'Toole!
And here is my video about it...please take a peek....

 I will be doing a *giveaway* for this course on Wednesday October 16th...!

All you have to do is comment on this post or on my FB page and let me know why you think you should with  a spot ...come and "dance with your dreams" with us!